Monday, September 8, 2014


this time i got big news.  

i'll be moving to a new blog.

i relate this one to my endless trying of running a fashionblog but i feel like this is not the thing for me. there are so many fashion blogs out there and i feel like just being another one is boring. also i'm not dedicated enough to fashion in order to be a true fashionblogger.
but blogging has become something i really enjoy, so i don't want to stop completely. i'll just change the kind of blog i have.
recreating this one would be too tiring, so i've set up a new one. it'll be a blog about various things like fashion (i'll still blog about it just not as the major topic anymore), lifestyle, travelling, food, music and everything else that interests me. it's going to be more personal too.
and it will be in german (and english still), since i feel like most of my readers recently are from germany. 
i'd be more than happy if you would follow my new blog, if you enjoyed reading this one. maybe you'll like the new one even better.
i'll leave this blog online for two more weeks. that way i hope all of my followers, who still read my blog, will see this post and check out my new blog. after these two weeks, i'll delete it and then i'll focus only on my new blog and my music campagin.

 please go check it out if you have time :)


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

new in

so yesterday i went shopping with my girl chrissi. first we went to wolfsburg because they have a designer outlet there but it wasn't really worth the time. i only got a blouse and chrissi got a shirt for her boyfriend. of course they had all the good brands like liebeskind berlin, tommy hilfiger, ralph lauren and so on but i think going to an outlet center is mainly a question of luck. either you'll find a lot of good things or nothing at all.
afterwards we went back to hannover to get some things for chrissi  and i bought a complete outfit at h&m.

shirt and skirt from h&m
flanell blouse from tom tailor denim
creepers from h&m
hat from h&m
the blouse is for winter and fall since it's sort of flanell material. it's really comfortable.
as for the other things, i just fell in love with all of these items when i went to h&m the other day. the hat reminds me of violet from american horror story, the skirt is not only for summer but also good for winter and fall, since you can wear it with warm tights and for the shoes, i've wanted creepers for a long time now but i've only ever found ones that i didn't like. 

 i've noticed that h&m got a lot of tumblr-like clothes now. it's really weird to see the trends from tumblr there. i mean it's great because now it's easier for people to buy them but at the same time it sort of sucks because i feell like it makes everything so mainstream.
don't get me wrong, being mainstream is not necessarily a bad thing. 
what i'm trying to say is, that it simply gets boring to see everyone having the same kind of style. personally i like to try to differ myself somewhat from most of the kids at school and so on. i don't know, i'm just trying to do my own thing regarding fashion and not let everyone else influence what i'm wearing.
because my clothes are a way to express myself and i want to express who i really am and not who everyone else is. i bet i'm confusing you right now so i'll just stop. maybe i'll write a post with my opinion about the importance of fashion sometime soon though. we'll see.
today i got braces again.
yay me. not. 
i've had braces before but they were taken out too early because of my exchange year so my teeth went back to how they were before. so now i gotta wear them for maybe a little less than a year. the only thing about this that frustrates me  is how they look on pictures. but oh well, better now than never.


Saturday, August 23, 2014

edited + fcf

since i don't have friends who are into photography, it's hard to find someone who has time and is willing to take some pictures of me for my outfits. well, i think it's a little bit sad, but i can't change it.
so today i'll just show you a few older pictures that i edited a while ago.
i hope i'll get some new shots, when i go to dresden with my family next week. 

 another thing i wanted to tell you is, that there now is a new fashion page on facebook called Fashion Community Facebook. i know, there are tons of them but i think this one sounds promising. i got a message from this girl on in which she told me about starting this new page.
it's a page where pictures of fashion bloggers will be posted. it doesn't matter whether you have lots of followers or none. all you have to do is send the look you want to have feautured to her page and she'll post it.
of course, she doesn't have many fans on her page right now but i hope this will change soon. so please check out her page, like it and maybe submit your pictures to it! i'd love to see this project grow.

by the way, do you like the changes i made in the layout? i wanted it to be much more simple and not have pictures in the sidebar and header and so on. i like it better this way. what do you think?


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

if it matters at all.

Hey there!

It's been a while again. I guess I'm not a good blogger when it comes to updating regurarly. For the most part, I just don't know what to write about. So if you have any ideas or things you want me to write about, please leave me a comment below.
But for now, I'll give you a quick update on what I've been up to. 

About a month ago, I've started talking to a very good friend of mine from the USA again, which makes me really happy. We've been talking on skype almost every night.
I'm on summer break now. I'm taking classes to get my drivers licence and as soon as I'm done with that I'll start working again. Since I'm planning on going back to America next summer, I need to save up some money.
Maybe I'll do some short trips with my girlfriends to the sea side or some cities in the closer area. If I do, I'll take some pictures for you guys. 

Recently my friend Julia from Dortmund came to visit me and we took some photos together. I was wearing my new cut off dungarees from VILA, a crop top from H&M with One Dollar Notes on it, boots I borrowed from Chrissi and my Pierce The Veil Wristband from Hot Topic.

Taking the photos was a lot of fun and Julia is really good at taking good shots too.  Usually I tend to delete almost all the phots that are taken during photoshootings, but this time I kept a lot of them.
I really think Julia should do something with her photography skills!!